Riverland Family Farms, previously known as Denison Farms, is family owned and operated. Our 20-acre farm is located just north of Corvallis, overlooking the Jackson- Frazier Wetland. We grow over hundred different varieties of high-quality Organic fruits, vegetables and herbs for our local community. The land we farm on has been Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth since 1988.

Owners Tal, Inder, Tyler - 3 brother in laws, are committed to farming organically to provide the best for their families and for their local community. Tal and Inder have a long history of family farming going back more than four generations in the Northwest Indian state of Punjab. Like many farmers across the globe, farming in this region is not only a means of supporting your family, but an identity taken with pride in being able to provide for ones community.

About Us 

Our farm crew has been farming on this land for decades. Some of our crew members have been with the farm for over 15 years. Their experience in organic farming is essential in growing high quality produce. Propagation, irrigation, soil nutrient management, harvesting - everything is managed in house by our experienced farm crew. 

Our Farmer Market crew has been with the farm for many seasons. They are all part of our local community and share the same values of organic farming practices. 

Tal  is born and raised in a small farming village in northwest India. Tal’s memories of his childhood are filled with long summer days at his family’s farm. They had 20 acrs and grew wheat, rice, corn, seasonal vegetables, and grass crop to feed their livestock. Tal remembers training calves to lead, stocking feed for buffalos, harvesting cauliflowers in deep winter, and harvesting an acre of wheat with hand tools when he fell short of farm labor. He immigrated to the US with his family, worked multiple jobs while going to school to get his degree in Accounting & IT, worked at corporate offices for well over 10 years. But the childhood connection to farming was so compelling that he left it all behind to be weeding at a farm on hot summer days. He kept up with small scale farming in his backyard and ultimately took the leap with his family to buy the Denison Farms. He is looking forward to raising his kids in this community, giving them memories that he hopes will be as deeply rooted as his past

Know your farmers

Inder   is also from northwest India. His family had over 30 acrs of farmland and grew corn, wheat, rice, sugarcane, and seasonal vegetables. As a little boy, Inder remembers riding tractor for hours with his dad, playing in fresh plowed fields, planting corn seeds, and climbing farm equipment every chance he got. Young and ‘invincible’, he climbed up a grain cleaner to see how things work and lost part of his ring finger, which was later stitched back together. The severed ring finger has remained a joke between siblings up until his wedding day. He was 13 when he immigrated to the US. He graduated with a degree in Information Systems and experienced the corporate world for 5 years. Outside of school and work, Inder maintained an active life playing Cricket. He has always had a keen interest in experimenting with and germinating seeds. Flowers, tomatoes and other vegetables were generally a success story, but failed trials with avocado seeds kept the experiments going. Leaving his corporate life behind and spending all of his days at a farm did not require much convincing. Inder is happy to be back in the open fields, and is looking forward to watching his kids sprout in farm land.

Tyler is born and raised in California. His dad was a wine maker in Napa Valley for 40 years. He kept his day time job as a Mechanical Engineer, and helps out with farm operations every chance he gets. 

What We Grow

We grow over a hundred different types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Here are just a few that top the charts

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